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The man who seduced Mona Lisa


The man who seduced Mona Lisa

a novel by Dionigi Cristian Lentini

L'uomo che sedusse la GiocondaA precarious researcher at the CNR of Pisa, an expert on cryptography and blockchain, finds by chance in a file of a Tuscan abbey a strange encrypted file containing an incredible, extraordinary, unpublished story … from which it can no longer do without:

On a cold night when History was testing the Renaissance, while the lords of Italy were annihilating each other for the ephemeral control of the weak borders of their own States, a young pontifical diplomat with a mysterious past preferred to apply himself more much to the art of seduction rather than in that of war. Who was he?

He was not a prince, a condottiere, a prelate, he had no official title … yet talking with him was tantamount to conferring directly with the Pope, he moved with ease in the complex political chessboard of that period but never left traces, he wrote every day the History but never appeared in any of its pages … it was everywhere and yet it was as if it did not exist.

From a lordship to another, from a kingdom to a republic, between strategies and deceptions, between adventures and conspiracies, Tristano successfully completed his missions … until destiny commissioned him the most important undertaking: to discover who indeed it was.

To do that he had to decipher a letter from his real mother, kept for 42 years hidden by the caste of the powerful of the time.

To do that he had to pass unharmed that incredible temporal interstice by the extraordinary and unprecedented concentration of characters (statesmen, leaders, artists, writers, engineers, scientists, navigators, courtiers, etc.) who have significantly, drastically and irreversibly changed the course of the History .

To do that he had to seduce the woman who, immortalized by Leonardo, with his gaze seduced the world.

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